Apr 03, 2015

882-912  Grand Prince of Kiev.

Oleg was the mythical founder of Kievan Rus’. He was a Varangian prince, possibly a relative to Rurik. He took his army from Novgorod to Kiev and united all of the Varangian territories into one state.

Lived: ? – 912.
After Rurik’s death in 879, Oleg served as regent for Rurik’s son Igor. According to legend, he first united all of the lands near Novgorod and  then took his army south along the Dnieper to Smolensk and Kiev.

Kievan Rus’
Kiev was being ruled by two other Varangian princes, Askold and Dir. He had the two princes murdered and united all of the lands from Novgorod to Kiev into one strong state, Kievan Rus’.
He made Kiev his new capital and began planning a military campaign against the Byzantine Empire.

In 911, Oleg’s ships arrived in Constantinople. After a successful siege, the Byzantine Emperor Leo VI bought them off with tons of silver. As a sign of victory, Oleg had his shield fixed to the gates of Constantinople.

According to legend, Oleg earned the nickname “Prophet” because he was able to foresee his own death from a snakebite.


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