Russian Federation



The Russian Federation is the successor state of the Soviet Union after its dissolution on 26 December 1991. Post-Soviet Russia has come a long way in the last 25 years. After the decade of Boris Yeltsin’s liberal, but rather chaotic, rule came Vladimir Putin, who returned to a centralized, authoritarian style of governing.




Boris Yeltsin


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia became a constitutional republic. Yeltsin’s reign as the first president was, at first, characterized by high hopes of democracy and prosperity. Nevertheless, along with crime, corruption, and poverty on the rise, it turned out to be a disappointment, and a harsh experience for most Russians.




Vladimir Putin


After Yeltsin’s decade of almost unlimited freedom, but also confusion, Vladimir Putin’s reign is characterized by restricted freedom, state-controlled media, corruption, and his own cult of personality. Putin has revived the wave of Russian nationalism and Soviet nostalgia. Relations with the West are getting even more complicated.

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