Russian Revolution



The Russian Revolution is the collective term for the two revolutions that took place in 1917 in Petrograd. The February Revolution overthrew the Tsar, and the October Revolution put the radical left-wing Bolsheviks in power.

February Revolution and October Revolution
Russian Civil War begins




February Revolution

8-12 March 1917 

The February Revolution began, originally, as a peaceful Women’s Day demonstration on the streets of Petrograd that spontaneously grew into a general strike and mutiny. It burst out rather suddenly, and after just seven days, Tsar Nicholas II had abdicated.




Provisional Government

March-Oct 1917 

Between the February Revolution and the October Revolution, Russia was governed by two concurrent governments: The legitimate liberal Provisional Government, and the radical, left-wing Petrograd Soviet.




October Revolution

7-8 Nov 1917 

The October Revolution was a coup d’etat orchestrated by Lenin and the Bolshevik party; a quiet takeover of power in Petrograd at night. It is said that power was literally lying on the ground, and Lenin just picked it up.




Russian Civil War


The Russian Civil War, that followed the Bolshevik coup, caused more casualties than World War I. It was the bloodiest military conflict ever to take place on Russian soil. The extremely brutal, “Red Terror,” was opposed to the equally ruthless, “White Terror”.


Soviet Russia