Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov

Apr 03, 2015

Grand Duke of Russia. 

Emperor Nicholas II’s younger brother, who said no to the Russian crown that was offered to him after Nicholas II had abdicated. He was later shot by the Bolsheviks.


Lived: 1878-1918.
As the youngest son of Alexander III, he was the official heir to the throne until Nicholas II’s son Alexey was born.

He was a brilliant military commander and probably much better suited for the throne than Nicholas. He loved car racing and he secretly married Natalia Brasova in Vienna.

On 15 March 1917, Nicholas II abdicated the throne of Russia in his favour.

He heard of the abdication only on the following morning, when he was visited by the members of the Duma who presented him the manifesto.

Mikhail realized that he had no hope of imposing real power over the Provisional Government. He diplomatically stated that he will leave the matter for the Constituent Assembly to decide.

Mikhail became the first notorious victim of the Bolsheviks after the October Revolution. He was arrested and shot in the back of the head in June 1918. His brother’s family followed him in a few weeks.

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