Alexander Suvorov

Apr 03, 2015

Military officer. 

The greatest military leader in the history of Russia. He never lost a battle. He was also the first outstanding military theorist.

Lived: 1730-1800.
Suvorov was born in a noble family of an army general in Moscow. Despite being a weak and sickly child, he took great interest in military education. His service began at the age of 12 in the Seven Years’ War.

Under Catherine II
Suvorov took part in the First Russo-Turkish War (1768-74) and helped put down the Pugachev’s Rebellion in 1775.

From 1776 he commanded the Russian army in Crimea and had his biggest victory in the Second Russo-Turkish War (1787-92), the storming of Izmail fortress.

Suvorov was a war-commander of natural talent. He broke conventions in military theory and saw opportunities that were otherwise overlooked.

He was appointed Field Marshal in 1794, after successfully putting down the Kosciuszko Uprising in Poland.

Under Paul I
Paul I had Suvorov temporary exiled, but he was forced to invite him back to fight against Revolutionary France.

Alexander Suvorov’s greatest victory was won in Italy as the commander of the Second Coalition Army in 1799. His joint Russo-Austrian army captured Milan and drew the French out of northern Italy. Suvorov was ranked Generalissimo.

He then manouvered his surrounded army miraculously across the Alps of Switzerland.

Suvorov was a great theorist and he wrote a practical manual for commanders called “Science of Victory”. His students, Kutuzov and others, defeated Napoleon 15 years later. One of his many famous quotes is “Train hard, fight easy”.

Mikhail Kutuzov