Semyon Budyonny

Apr 03, 2015

Military officer.

Legendary Soviet Field Marshal of the Russian Civil War. He became a symbolic war hero and a star of many anecdotes and folk tales alongside with Chapayev.

Lived: 1883-1973.
Budyonny was born in a town of Bolshaya Orlovka, which is a region of Don Cossacks. He himself was not from the Cossack family.

Semyon joined the Cossack regiments of the Imperial Army and participated in the Russo-Japanese War and World War I. He was an excellent horse rider and earned several medals for bravery.

Russian Civil War
Semyon Budyonny joined the Bolsheviks in 1919. He helped form the cavalry of the Red Army and took part in the battle of Tsaritsyn. He was the commander of the infamous First Cavalry Army of the Russian Red Army. Budyonny also had a vital role to play in the Russo-Polish war.

After the Civil War Budyonny served as the Inspector of cavalry and was elected to the rank of Field Marshal in 1935. He became the commander of Moscow military district in 1937.

World War II
Budyonny’s performance as a commander in World War II had catastrophic results. He had no understanding of modern mechanized warfare and he preferred to use cavalry instead of machines. He was responsible for the defeat at Kiev in August 1941 and was fired by Stalin.

Budyonny was demoted to the post of commanding the cavalry , he also became responsible for Soviet horse breeding.

Budyonny became a famous Civil War veteran and a public figure until the end of his life in 1973.

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