Fyodor Ushakov

Apr 03, 2015

Military officer. 

Admiral Fyodor Ushakov was the greatest Russian Naval Commander in history. Among his 43 naval battles he never lost one ship and never lost a battle in his lifetime.

Lived: 1745-1817.
Fyodor Ushakov came from the family of minor nobility of Yaroslavl. He joined the Russian Navy in St. Petersburg at the age of sixteen. For several years he served in the Baltic Fleet until he was sent to the Black Sea.

Ushakov participated in the Russo-Turkish War (1768-74) and he personally advised the building of naval base near Sevastopol.

In the Second Russo-Turkish War (1787-91) Ushakov became the commander of the Black Sea Fleet in 1790.

With the use of his new clever tactics, Ushakov managed to win the three strategic victories against the Turks: the Battles of Kerch Strait, Tendra (1790) and Cape Kaliakra (1791).

In 1798 Fyodor Ushakov was commissioned to support Generalissimo Suvorov’s campaign in Italy. He successfully commanded the Mediterranean squadron, until being recalled in 1800.

The new Emperor Alexander I did not value Ushakov’s victories and he resigned in 1807.

He was once again invited to command a little militia against Napoleon in 1812, but he declined. In the year 2000 Ushakov was canonized as patron saint of the Russian Navy.

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